Greetings All,

We are happy to announce a new spam filtering system is currently being put into place. While we've tried to provide the best filter in the past labeling and rejecting spam from unwanted sources, we've recently turned up our sensors to 11 to maximize rejections of legitimate spam and ensure delivery of all of your important emails to your inbox!

Additionally, we are working to implement a new quarantine system. This new quarantine system will inform you when you have blocked email, and where you can go to verify them to allow them in to your inbox, or to delete them and never receive email from them again. We've also increased our abilities to detect malicious email attachments and embedded code.

Lastly, we're installing a user dashboard where each mail user can access their specific settings for whitelisting, blacklisting, and other options. In addition, we're providing domain administrators with a new dashboard to oversee the entirety of the domains that are associated to the account to better control what emails are allowed into your users inboxes. 

More info as we get things implemented, but for now, please note that we have reset spam scoring to 5 for each domain. Your local settings in cPanel will not override this, however, we are also no longer deleting email above a score of 20. This means that in the interim, you may receive a bit more email, but if it's spam, it should be labeled as such ([SPAM?]). Once we get the new dashboards integrated with your accounts, you'll be able to modify the spam labeling threshold as well as delete as required. Until then, if you would like to update your spam scoring for your domain, please email us at or open a support ticket via your client portal and we'll get it updated for you.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

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