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With our most recent update, we are now supporting PHP 7.4 on all of our services. While not all extensions currently are released for 7.4, we do provide the base capabilities for you and your applications to use the newest release of this amazing language. We will be adding supported extensions as they become released (eg, IonCube). 

If you would like to change the current version of PHP your site is running, you can do so by going to cPanel -> MultiPHP Manager; select the site you wish to move to the new version and select the PHP version from the upper right, then click Apply. Please note that it may take a few minutes for the change to take effect as it will only be updated on 'new' requests to the site. We suggest closing and re-opening your browser to ensure that a new session is established for proper testing. 

In addition to adding the newest version of PHP to our offerings, we are also scheduling a removal of PHP 7.1 for our services. PHP 7.1 stopped being supported late in 2019 and we have continued to work with customers to update their sites and applications. Moving forward, after July 1st, 2020, we will no longer be supporting PHP 7.1. If you are one of the handful of our customers still using the older version, we will be reaching out to contact you about updating your site and internal code. In some cases, the site or application may be fully compatible with newer versions of PHP and are only running the older code because it was migrated with the codebase from another host. 

Please note that PHP 7.2 is also ending its support life at the end of 2020. As usual, we intend to continue to support it beyond that point. Depending on the security implications, we can usually continue to work with the non-supported version for a short time after it’s no longer receiving support and security updates. If at all possible, updating sites to the much longer supported PHP 7.3 is recommended. 

If you need assistance updating code for the website to be compatible with PHP 7.2 or above, we’d be happy to assist. You can reach us by calling 509-818-0818 option 3, or open a support ticket in the client portal. 

For more information about supported versions of PHP:

Thursday, May 14, 2020

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