Greetings All,

PHP 5.6 was first released back in 2014, with alpha 1 released in January 2014. Due to major performance improvements (phpng then merged into PHP 7), by December 2015 the PHP team started to encourage upgrading to PHP 7. Hailing it’s improvements such as being twice as fast, consistent 64-bit support, removal of old and unsupported SAPIs and extensions, improved fatal error resistance, etc.

PHP 7 now accounts for more than 15% of PHP versions in use. That’s up from 3% a year ago. PHP still holds about 80% market share of server-side programming languages for websites. At the end of 2018 both PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 hit EOL / support.

We have made the decision to upgrade our internal version to only support PHP 7.1 and above as of February 1st, 2019. This ensures security patches, updates, and fixes for years to come. 

If your website appears to be having issues due to the migration, please open a support case and we'd be happy to work with you to fix any items that may not be fully compatible. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

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