Greetings All,

We are updating our hosting plans once again to help tune them to the needs and wants of our many customers, both new and old. We have removed our Startup Hosting plan and are now starting out with a fully featured Standard Hosting plan as our bottom tier. This is to ensure that all customers have the tools they need, and add-ons required, to ensure a long and healthy hosting experience.

We are now providing free SSL certificates to all of our hosting plans - no one should have an excuse to not have a secure website in this day and age! We've also updated our backup schedule to include not only your website data, but, email, databases, and DNS zones on a new semi-weekly schedule (backups may occur more frequently depending on the cumulative size of used storage)! This means that your data is more secure than ever from both you, and those who are intent on wreaking havoc on random internet sites. 

All existing plans are also benefiting from these updates (Free SSL and semi-weekly backups), however, any changes to your billing structure will move you to our newest Standard Hosting plan if you are below that point moving forward. This is to ensure we can continue providing these features at a reasonable cost to everyone who uses our services. 

Thank you all for your continued support and check back often for updates!

Monday, July 1, 2019

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