Proper Email Configuration for DigiTimber Services

Configuring Email Clients to work with your DigiTimber services
(Outlook on Windows Example)

1. Click on the Start Button, and either select Control Panel, or search for it from the list.

2. Mail (<version of Outlook here>) from the list. (You may need to specify 'Show Small Icons' from the upper right pulldown to find it)

Note: We have found with some users, the Control Panel is missing the Mail settings. To access the configuration screen, Click on Start and type 'run' and hit enter. Type 'outlook.exe /manageprofiles' and press enter.

3. Click on the 'Email Accounts' button

4. Select the email account you wish to update or verify and click 'Change or Properties' from the menu

5. Ensure that your mail server is set to mail.<yourdomain.tld>

Server Settings

6. Select the 'More Settings' button from the lower right of the window

7. Click on the 'Advanced' Tab

8. Ensure that the 'Incoming server' is set to SSL/TLS and the port is 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP3)

9. Ensure that the 'Outgoing server' is set to STARTTLS and the port is 587 (or SSL/TLS and port 465)

Advanced Settings

10. Testing the account should work as expected (simple way is to send an email to someone and verify it moves from the outbox to the sent items)



Configuring Email Clients to work with your DigiTimber services 
(Thunderbird on Windows Example)

1. Open ThunderBird, right click on your email service and select Settings

ThunderBird Service Settings

2. In the lower right, select Edit SMTP server|

Edit SMTP Settings

3. Ensure that the 'Server Name' is set to and the port port is 587 and 'Connection security' is set to STARTTLS (or SSL/TLS and port 465)

SMTP Settings

4. Click OK to save and go back to the Settings page, then select the Server Settings section from the left.

Server Settings (Inbound)

5. Ensure that 'Server Name' is set to and uses port 993 and that the 'Connection security' is set to SSL/TLS (Or if you are using POP3, Port 995)

6. Click OK to confirm settings. Click the 'Get Message' button in the upper left to see if you can receive email. To test sending, send an email, feel free to send it over to to tell us that everything is working great!


Other email clients will need to be configured per their own instructions. Please find the configuration guide (Google is a great resource!) for your specific mail client to configure and enable security using SSL/TLS.

Setup on iPhone:


Note: If you are migrating from another provider, they may not have valid SSL certificates for your domain. This will result in a warning:

Certificate Warning

Simply click 'Yes' to continue using the server. This will be resolved once the DNS and email migration is complete. 


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