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Where is DigiTimber located?

DigiTimber a locally owned and operated web and email hosting company that also specializes in IT consulting. We are located in beautiful Spokane Valley, Washington in the amazing Pacific NorthWest of the United States. 


Where does DigiTimber host their content from?

Our content is split between 4 datacenters in the US; San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, and New York, to ensure geographic diversity and redundancy for our services.


How long has DigiTimber been in Spokane?

DigiTimber, previously known as TwitchHosting, was created in Spokane in 2008 after shifting names and locations in Idaho since 1998. TwitchHosting was rebranded as DigiTimber in late 2014 when Amazon purchased Twitch.TV (aka Justin.TV) and rebranded it appropriately. 


How much does hosting cost? Are there multiple options for plans?

We have a single, all-inclusive plan for all our hosting customers. The hosting package start at $15/month for a single year of hosting (paid yearly at $180/Year). We offer discounts for multi-year payments as well as provide promo codes for random events throughout the year.


What do I get with this all-inclusive hosting plan for $15/month?

Some of our primary features for hosting include:

  • Free domain for the first year for new registrations and transfers along with free domain privacy registration
  • Free SSL certificate for the domain and all subdomains
  • Free website, email, and database migrations from your existing hosting provider (Contact us via Support Ticket after you have signed up)
  • Unlimited secure email mailboxes supporting IMAPS/POPS
  • Robust and highly tuned SPAM filtering for all email accounts along with a Spam Quarantine system to help keep your inbox clean
  • 5GB of storage space for emails, files, and databases (additional space is $1/GB/month)
  • Website optimization through LiteSpeed caching and server tuning
  • Nightly backups for all email, applications, and files
  • One-click installer for most web applications and frameworks like WordPress


How much space do I get for $15/month?

5GB of storage space for emails, files, and databases (additional space can be purchased at $1/GB/month, to purchase additional space, please open a support ticket)


How many email accounts can I create?

As many as you want. Our hosting system is based solely around storage allocation. You get 5GB (or buy more) and that's what you can use. You can have 100 email accounts, or 1000, as long as their storage doesn't exceed the allocation.


What should I know or verify before I migrate to DigiTimber?

One major item that we pride ourselves on is security. Because of this, we do not support any plaintext logins to our systems for FTP or email (IMAP/POP/SMTP) access. Please ensure that your ftp and email software applications are configured correctly to use SSL/TLS. Additional information on how to do this, along with examples for most common applications, can be found in the Knowledgebase. Additionally, we do not allow access to outbound (sending) email services outside of the United States (SMTP on port 465 or 587). Access is limited to VPN or webmail when traveling abroad.


I'm a customer with <other hosting provider>. How do I get started with DigiTimber and request a FREE migration?

- Sign up with our services here by clicking 'Get website hosting' on the front page. 

- Select ‘Transfer Domain’ from the two options at the top and enter your primary domain and click the ‘Transfer’ button.

From the hosting options below, feel free to select 1-3 years and check the box if you need additional support services (be aware, its billed at $50/month)

- Once you sign up and pay your invoice, create a Support Ticket and provide us with the login to your existing host. One of our engineers will review your current configuration, provide the information on what we will migrate, and schedule a time to perform the migration for you.


What does 'additional support' mean? What is this addon for $50/month?

By default, our hosting plans only support our side of the services. This means that if our service is not working, we will resolve it for you to ensure that everything is functioning as you expect. We do not assist with configuration of devices, updates to content, patching of applications, or other troubleshooting. It also covers unlimited free text updates and up to 25 image updates on the website site per month.

The additional support package allows us to work with you to do things like configure devices for email access, assist with uploading files to the site, and other customer use related items as well as unlimited free text updates and up to 25 image updates on the website site per month. It also provides for the ability to request DNS and email updates, like creating, deleting, or password modifications, etc that are all fully accessible by our customers, some some prefer to have us make changes instead. Lastly, it enrolls your site in our security monitoring system to ensure that the packages and plugins are kept up to date and free from exploitation and malware (usually updated once a month, but could be more depending on the critical nature of a specific update). In addition to the previously detailed support services, we also offer a discount on design, coding, and consulting time that is requested during the support term. This discount is ~15% off any services (standard rate is $150/hour, discounted rate with support is $125/hour).


What services can I host on DigiTimber?

Email with spam, antivirus, and antimalware scanning and quarantine for both inbound and outbound email. Website hosting for any website, running most any framework. We do not support Windows .ASP or Ruby on Rails.


Does DigiTimber offer domain only hosting (Domain registration without a website or email, or using another hosting company)?

Yes! We offer domain registration without a hosting plan, but we do charge a $2/month DNS maintenance fee. This means your yearly cost would be $24 + domain registration/transfer costs. Domain only services are not eligible for the free first year of domain registration during signup or transfer.


I'm moving from <other hosting provider> and I only have a single email address that I want to move over, but $15 seems expensive. What are my options?

While we would love to have you as a customer, we understand that pricing can be an issue. For those looking for a more budget experience, we suggest using Exchange Online which starts at around $4 per email. (

Alternatively, G Suite from Google may also be a good option, starting at $6/month per email. (

Either of these solutions should allow you to still use your custom domain, but pay less for your monthly, single, email address.


What technologies do you use for management of my hosting account?

We use WHMCS for our client area and cPanel for our shared linux hosting accounts along with several customized plugins and applications to assist with making our services easy to access and simple to use. 



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