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The DigiTimber quarantine report is designed to inform you about emails it considers spam, and subsequently has withheld for delivery. If you do not have any spam in your quarantine folder then you will not receive the report. The report gives you options to manage emails considered as spam. Some of the functionality of the report is outlined below.

Delivering Quarantined Messages

To deliver a message which has been quarantined, find the message you wish to deliver, then click on deliver in the quick access commands section. Your web browser will appear and a message confirming delivery will be presented. There may be a small delay between a message being released from quarantine and being delivered to the destination email account.

Deleting Quarantined Messages

To delete a message which has been quarantined, go to the message you wish to remove, under the actions section click on delete in the quick access commands section. Your web browser will open and a message confirming the deletion of the email will appear.

Whitelisting Quarantined Messages

Whitelisting allows all future emails from a particular sender to be delivered, and it also delivers the message that you whitelist. To whitelist a sender, find the message you want to whitelist, then click on whitelist in the quick access commands section. Your web browser will open and a confirmation message will appear. 
Note: Whitelisting only applies to the full email address. Sites that use rotating email addresses to gather analytics may require you to log into the spam service and whitelist the entire domain (Filter Rules => Global Whitelist => Add)

Deleting all messages

At the bottom of the reported messages, there is a link “Delete all messages”. Clicking on this allows you to delete all of the messages in your quarantine folder. A message confirming the successful deletion of all messages in your quarantine folder will appear in your web browser. Please note that this is not required, as we will automatically delete any messages in the spam quarantine after a few weeks if they are not delivered and/or whitelisted.


You can also use this email to send you an updated list of anything caught in the spam quarantine immediately, or log into the spam quarantine system by selecting the entry for 'To view your entire quarantine inbox or manage your preferences: Click Here'. The links in each email are valid for 7 days, after that, you will need to use a newer email to access the system, or log in directly at

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