Accessing the SpamTitan Dashboard and Quarantine

This article will walk you through how to log into the SpamTitan dashboard. This will provide you access to your SPAM settings and message quarantine.


1. Using your email credentials, log into the following URL:


2. If you have Domain Administrator access to your account, you may be prompted to select the access level.  Click User to view your personal quarantine and settings.


3. Upon logging into your User account, you will be presented with your Spam Filter Quarantine.
Quarantine Dashboard


4. Checking the box for one or more messages in the quarantine will allow you to Release the message, Whitelist the sender of the message, or Delete the message from the quarantine.  Alternatively you can click on a message to open it in a Quarantine mail viewer window.


5. The Quarantine mail viewer window provides the following options:
Dashboard Tabs

  • Details - This tab shows the details of the message, including the From and Envelope From addresses, Recipient, Subject, information about its origin and about its classification.
  • View Message - This tab shows the content of the message as well as a link to show the Headers containing the full details of the message route.
  • View Source - This tab shows the HTML source for the message headers, formatting, and body contents.
  • Options - This tab includes links allowing you to Release the message to your mailbox, Whitelist the sender of the message, or Delete the message from the quarantine.
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