SpamTitan User Roles and How to Access Domain Admin Role

The SpamTitan management portal has three different user levels that provide access to different levels of a customer organizations.  The available roles are as follows:


User Role: This is the default role available to all email users.  Under this role, users can view their personal quarantine, check their mail log history, and manage Whitelists and Blacklists for their mailbox.


Domain Administrator Role: This role is automatically granted to any user that has Admin Privileges in the Control panel.  This role allows a user to view the quarantine for the entire domain, check the mail log history for all users in the domain, and manage Whitelist and Blacklist rules that apply to the entire domain.


Domain Group Administrator Role: This is an administrative role that provides all access as the Domain Administrator Role, but also allows the user to manage the spam filter settings for individual users or for individual domains in the organization.  The settings that can be managed by this role include the spam quarantine threshold, behavior of the spam and virus filtering, and quarantine notification settings.  If you would like to have the Domain Group Administrator Role assigned to our user, please submit a request to our Support Team.



If a user has been granted either of the Administrative Roles, they will be presented with a screen to select the role they would like to use on first login:


Role Select after Login


Clicking the Login button will log the user in under that role.  Once logged in, users can switch between their available roles by clicking on the role in the top-right corner of the page.  A drop-down menu will be presented with their available roles.


Pulldown Role Select

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