SpamTitan Domain Administrators - Managing User Policies

Users with the Domain Administrators role can manage filter policies for any user in the domain.  A user will need to have been granted the Domain Administrators role by our Support Team to have this access.  To access the User Policy Management panel, use the following steps:


  1. Log into the SpamTitan management portal at as the Domain Administrator

  2. Click on the Anti-Spam Engine tab.

  3. Click the User Policies tab.


User Policy Settings


Users will automatically be populated in the User Policy Management list once they log into the SpamTitan portal or perform any action on a quarantined email from their notification.  If a user has not yet populated in the User Policy Management list, they can be manually added using the following steps:


  1. Click the Add button below the user list.

  2. Enter the user's primary email address in the Email Address(es) field.
    Policy Example
  3. Configure any desired settings for that user.  We recommend initially setting the Spam Filtering score to a number between 3.0 and 3.5, and enabling the Quarantine Report
    Note: Please do not enable the Archive Mail setting, it will result in additional charges for your services and provides no real function.

  4. Click the Add button when finished.


To manage the User Policy for a user, click on the Edit button corresponding to that user in the list.


Policy Example


The settings that are configurable are as follows:


  • Spam Filtering: Enable/Disable, Quarantine threshold score, Spam handling option (Quarantine, Tag and deliver, or Reject), Send NDR on spam (disabled by default), Auto-reject score threshold.

  • Virus Filtering: Enable/Disable, Virus handling option (Quarantine, Tag and deliver, Reject)

  • Banned Attachment type Filtering: Enable/Disable, Attachment handling option (Quarantine, Tag and deliver, Reject)

  • Archive Mail: Archives the inbound and outbound mail in the system.  Please note that this option will result in extra service costs and does not serve a function for your configuration

  • Lock Policy: Locks the policy to prevent it being overwritten by domain-wide policies.  If you are using custom per-user policies, we highly recommend enabling this option.

  • Quarantine Notification: Enable/Disable, Language, Frequency (Daily, Weekday, Friday, Monthly), Report contents (New items only, All items, New items except Viruses, All items except Viruses), Exclude notification score threshold


Please note that the Spam Filtering, Virus Filtering, and Attachment Filtering can be disabled entirely.  This will allow any emails containing these types of content to be delivered directly to the user's Inbox.  This increases the risk of the user's account or system being infected or compromised, requiring much greater scrutiny on the user's part.  We do not recommend disabling any filters, and extreme caution should be used in considering these options.

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