Why did my Google Maps stop working?

Google recently (August 2018) updated their Dynamic Maps API and this change directly impacted the functionality of the visionLive CMS "Facility Directory." Previously the use of this API was unlimited but it now comes with a monthly limit; easily reached by the aggregate Vision client total. 

What are the required steps activate the new API?

Each organization is now required to create and maintain a unique API key similar to managing your account for Google Analytics. Below are the instructions to create and activate your new API key. 

Navigate to the Google Cloud Dashboard at https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/dashboard?pli=1

Click the "Enable APIs and Services" link

Search for the keyword "maps" before enabling both the Maps Javascript API and Maps Static API 

Next search for the keyword "Geocoding" before enabling the Geocoding API

Once this is done for the first API start back at step 2 and 4 to activate the other APIs.

(Note: You will need to own a project in your account before moving to the next steps.)


Creating A Project.

If you do not own a project already you will need to create a project to generate your API key

From your Dashboard click on the drop down labeled "Select a project" 

Click on new Project within the new window that pops up 

Name the Project (hint: use the name of your organization for the name) then click save, you do not need to fill in the organization field.


Add Billing to your Google API Project

Although you won't be charged as long you do not Upgrade your Account you will need to associate a Billing Account to your API Project.

Open the side bar navigation menu and click "Billing"

Select "Add Billing Account"

Enter in the appropriate information and a Payment method.

Confirm the information and accept your Free Trial.


How do I generate my new API key?

After you enable the three new APIs you will need to generate an API key by following these steps. 

Open the side bar navigation menu and click the "Credentials" screen  

Create a new API key (if one does not already exist), click on the drop down and choose API key

You will see a pop up with your generated API key, note that you should not setup restrictions on your key.

Go to Configurations > System Variables and update the Google Maps API Key. 

The process is now complete you may need to wait for the System Variable to propagate across your Site for all the Hosting Servers. 

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